Proofpoint Browser Isolation

We at Sunoltech understand your security concerns at enterprise level and also as SMB.

Organizations are in a constant struggle to protect their users from targeted phishing attacks. Most of these attacks enter corporate environments through corporate email. But users’ web browsing and personal email are also fast-growing vectors of compromise.

For organizations, that means: • Immediate IT cost savings. No need for one-off exceptions of uncategorized URLs or personal webmail sites. • Higher employee productivity and morale. Users aren’t frustrated by blocks or burdened with creating support tickets. • Employee privacy while in isolated browser sessions; compliance with worker privacy rules. • Simplified deployment and integration with your existing web filter (proxy, gateway, firewall)— leverage what you already own. • Full cloud-based deployment—no hardware or endpoint agents to install. Setup is fast, and time-to- value is almost immediate.

Differentiators Here’s how Browser Isolation and Email Isolation are more effective than legacy isolation tools. • Time to Value and Ease of Deployment – 100% cloud—No on-prem hardware or software requirements – No endpoint agent needed – No special browser configuration (such as proxy configuration) • Ease of Integration – No complex proxy chaining required – Leverage existing investments for integrations (proxy, web gateway, firewall, endpoint web filtering, Proofpoint Email Protection and TAP) • 

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