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Modernizing IPPS-A, the U.S. Army's Largest, Most Complex Personnel System

More than one million U.S. Army personnel now have access to a modern, web-based tool that can effectively initiate, view, track, and manage human resource and pay transactions. The Integrated Personnel and Pay System-Army (IPPS-A) was built with support from Sunol Tech as the Army’s systems integrator and represents a revolutionary leap forward. IPPS-A eliminates 50 of the Army’s disparate legacy HR systems and streamlines the work processes required by the Army’s HR professionals by integrating multiple systems, standardizing complex data, ensuring user adoption, and maintaining personnel data security. The right team of experts, the best tools, and a proven approach made it all possible.

“Sunol Tech firmly believe that every service member deserves personnel and pay management processes that are transparent, efficient, and comprehensive but that also leverage the latest technology to assist them with managing their daily lives. We took on this work with full commitment to the Army’s mission and were determined to address today’s data management challenges and tomorrow’s data security threats, ensuring readiness, and reducing risk to our nation’s soldiers.”


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