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The world of Education is one of constant motion and upheaval; evolving curriculum, standards, and teaching best-practices produce periodic shifts for school districts, triggering an inevitable process of adaptation and change. Sunol Tech’s team is abreast to these changes, leveraging decades of experience to help school districts and universities procure the IT solutions they need. With an eye always toward the students and the project requirements, we work alongside educational institutions to do more with their budgets and innovate their learning environments. Year-round, our solutions architects provide assessments, discovery calls, and other step-by-step assistance to make the procurement process headache free. Additionally, our Client Services staff handles all aspects of deployment and implementation, and we possess a host of convenient shipping and storage options.

At Sunol Tech, our mission is to help support your mission—keeping your schools running and your students safely learning. We use our proven four-step process (assess, design, implement, and manage) to modernize, customize and transform your environment. We provide secured, customized solutions. For more information on upholding best practices for a secure supply chain, see our resource center.

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