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Veritas 4U60-60 G2 600TB NTAA SAS 4KN TCG 1ES0169

Original price was: $48,407.00.Current price is: $26,876.29.


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Veritas 4U60-60 G2 600TB NTAA SAS 512E TCG 1ES0167

Original price was: $48,407.00.Current price is: $26,876.29.

4U60-60 G2 600TB NTAA SAS 512E TCG

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HGST 4U60G2 Drive Enclosure – 12Gb/s SAS Host Interface – 4U Rack-mountable – 60 x HDD Supported – 60 x Total Bay – 60 x 3.5″ Bay SAN/NAS Storage System offers maximum storage efficiency and convenience Experience unmatched performance, built-in security and remote management capabilities with Intel Xeon 1.80 ghz processor RAID technology – data reliability, fault tolerance and improved overall performance Optimize business network’s performance with 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity It’s linux operating system offers powerful platform to efficiently run routine applications Rack-mountable san/nas storage system allows easy and convenient usage without any hassle Through RAID levels (1, 6), RAID provides data reliability, fault tolerance and improves overall performance The Veritas™ Access 3340 Appliance enables a turnkey deployment of Veritas’ software-defined Access scale-out network attached storage-a storage solution optimized for unstructured data use cases. The 3340 appliance is cost-optimized and tuned for high-capacity workloads like long-term retention (LTR), tape replacement and backup archiving.

To increase infrastructure and application agility, the Access 3340 appliance supports multiple protocols, including Amazon S3, CIFS, NFS, SMB for file and object access, and iSCSI target support for block storage. To further improve cost, capacity and resilience of long-term data stores, policy-based tiering orchestrates automated data migration to on-prem and off-prem clouds.

The Access 3340 is deeply integrated with Veritas NetBackup and NetBackup CloudCatalyst, providing a turnkey, cost-optimized LTR solution for large-scale (PB) deployments where Veritas NetBackup is the primary backup utility. Integration with CloudCatalyst deduping capability reduces storage and media transfer costs. NetBackup’s proven, enterprise-hardened deduplication saves space, increasing storage and data transfer efficiency, improving storage efficiency and effective capacity by as much as 30x.

Like all Veritas appliances, the Veritas™ Access 3340 Appliance comes with everything needed to put the system in production, including pre-tuned OS, security enhancements, integrated hardware and software monitoring and the latest version of Veritas™ Access software-defined storage.

Use Cases Include:

  • Long-term retention for Veritas NetBackup and other backup applications
  • Archiving with Veritas Enterprise Vault™
  • Unstructured file data storage
  • Mixed I/O workloads


  • Reduce CapEx-cost-optimized and tuned for high-capacity workloads
  • Flexible-Simultaneously access files and objects over multiple protocols, including NFS, CIFS, FTP, SMB, and S3.

  • Highly scalable software-defined storage-The Veritas™ Access 3340 Appliance is a pay-as-you-grow appliance model that starts at 700 TB of usable capacity and scales to 2.8 PB.

  • Reduced Management Costs-A single pane of glass to manage multiple instances, including integration with Veritas NetBackup™ and Veritas Enterprise Vault™.

  • Multi-cloud capabilities-Policy-based tiering orchestrates automated data migration to on-prem, off-prem, or multi-cloud object stores.

  • Veritas NetBackup integration-Provides consistent end-to-end long-term data retention and protection, complete with classification and global deduplication features.

  • Enterprise Vault™ integration-The Veritas Access 3340 Appliance also works as a primary archive store for Veritas Enterprise Vault, offering compliant and flexible storage for archive retention.

  • Cost effective tape replacement-Replace and consolidate cumbersome and costly tape storage to meet demanding recovery time objectives.


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