We’re the IT industry’s best and brightest, who share an unwavering passion for bringing compelling technology products, services and solutions to the world. We’re an innovative partner that helps our customers maximize the value of IT investments, demonstrate business outcomes and unlock growth opportunities.

At our core, we’re a company that cares. We care about our partners, our co-workers, our investors and the world around us. And we’re committed to being a diverse, inclusive employer of choice and a good corporate citizen.


Listening to our partners and each other

We’re proud to be Great Place to Work . Together, we hold ourselves to a

partner and in our local communities.



Your voice matters.

With diverse backgrounds, expertise and experiences, our co-workers make us who we are. When we seek to understand one another and recognize the power of the individual, we demonstrate respect and dignity; we learn, evolve and unlock potential to achieve outstanding results for our customers and win together.

This broad perspective is integral to our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.



We amplify strengths.

We meet the ever-evolving demands of our customers and the marketplace by bringing out the best in our people and our partners across every aspect of the supply chain.


When we leverage our collective expertise, listen well, support and inspire each other we do more than achieve our goals — we do great things.


Character counts.

Acting with honesty, transparency, respect and fairness builds trust. Trust fosters the entrepreneurial spirit and is a catalyst for innovation that drives outstanding results for our customers.

When we hold each other accountable to the highest standards, we create an open and honest environment that fosters creative ideas and brings value to our customers, vendors and each other.



We win.

We deliver value to our customers and vendors through our strong work ethic and our commitment to excellence. We proactively seek opportunities and address challenges. We adapt quickly and execute confidently to maximize results for our partners and our business.

When we embrace a driven mindset, the strengths of individual ownership and collaboration come together naturally, learning embeds itself in the process and we deliver meaningful experiences everywhere.






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