With the innovative RSH custom rackmounts, virtually any component can be installed in a standard 19-inch enclosure without modification. Custom cut to provide a perfect opening for the face of the component that is being mounted, each RSH unit …provides a neatly-trimmed installation with a perfect fit and no gaps. With accurate details on over 9,500 components in our measured unit database, chances are we have the component needed on file. Unit assembles easily in minutes and includes rear brackets to prevent the mounted component from sliding back. Fully ventilated ears and bottom promote cooling. Depending on the needs of the installation, the units can be ordered with a black textured finish (model RSH4S) or a black brushed and anodized finish (model RSH4A). Bottom depths are automatically provided in 11-1/2-inch, 14-inch, 15-1/2-inch, 17-1/2-inch, or 20-1/2-inch styles. Custom rackmounts will accept any component up to 17-3/4-inch wide.