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Clearfield ODC-1000 Cabinet

The Clearfield ODC-1000 enclosure has been designed with the philosophy of modularity and flexibility, while maintaining a maximum heat dissipation capability. Designed to accommodate Calix C7, E-Series, B-Series and F5 shelves, the ODC-1000 provides all the powering, protection and cable management to serve up to 576 subscribers, or up to 1280 PON subscribers. The ODC-1000 supports 100% density of narrowband and broadband services.


Clearfield ODC-1000 enclosures are designed to easily scale from a minimal configuration to the maximum capacity of the enclosure. Design consideration has been taken to enable the customer to field install and scale common options such as line protection, cooling, and cross-connect modules. The enclosure can be configured for as low as 48 lines with the option of scaling up to the maximum capacity of 1280 lines.


The ODC-1000 has been designed to accommodate third-party equipment in both the front and rear equipment compartments, as well as the splice chamber. Twenty-three-inch equipment racks in the front, rear, and splice chambers allows for the installation of common devices such as fiber management, passive optical splitters, and CWDM EDFAs.


The ODC-1000 is equipped with a rear door which allows access to the back of the equipment mounted in the front equipment chamber. When configured for a Calix C7, the C7 is mounted to a swing bracket to enable access to the rear of the shelf. In addition, any 19-inch gear mounted above the C7 has the ability to swing open for rear access via an optional swing bracket kit.


The ODC-1000 can terminate large amounts of fiber, comfortably serving as the intermediary to deploy fiber-to-the-home or fiber-to-the-business services. With the usage of standard 23-inch equipment racks, the ODC-1000 can support the usage of high density third-party Fiber Distribution Panels, allowing a smooth transition of every subscriber from copper- to fiber-based services when desired.


The ODC-1000 supports traditional copper-based services (POTS, DS0 specials, xDSL), yet gives service providers the ability to support large quantities of other high revenue-generating services, such as DS1 (hi-cap quality with 1:N protection), DS3, OC-3, OC-12, Gigabit Ethernet, and fiber-to-the-home, all from the same platform with no need to deploy overlay networks for specific services.


Intelligent power management features guarantee continued delivery of narrowband and selective user-provisioned broadband services during extended periods of battery-powered operation.


The ODC-1000 has been designed from the ground up to address heat dissipation issues associated with the deployment of high-speed services from remote terminal locations. Cooling is achieved via door-mounted air-to-air heat exchangers that are either factory- or field-installable. The ODC-1000 has low-capacity and high-capacity door mount cooling options. The low-capacity cooling option is available to cool up to 240 lines of POTS+DSL services. The high-capacity cooling option is designed to cool up to 576 lines of POTS+DSL services and provide additional cooling for third party equipment. Customers can initially deploy the low-capacity cooling option and then field-upgrade to the high-capacity option as service requirements warrant.

Wired CapacityCopper: Up to 576 lines
PON: Up to 1280 subscribers
C7: Up to 480 ADSL2 and POTS ports*
E5: Up to 384 VDSL2 and POTS ports*
B6: Up to 576 ADSL2 and POTS ports
Dimensions38 inches (width) x 34 inches (depth) x 54 inches (height)
Weight560 lbs. (Equipped with Northstar 170 AH batteries: 1000 lbs.)
Color  Warm gray
EnvironmentAmbient temperature (per GR-487):–40° C to +46° C (–40° F to +115° F)
CoolingDoor-mount heat exchanger options (750 Watts/1850 Watts)
Mounting OptionsPad, Pole, H-frame, Wall, 3rd party Pedestal
Power Power feed:110–240 VAC single phase, 60-Amp service with UL listed service disconnect
Redundant AC feeds to rectifier
Redundant DC feeds to systems
Low voltage DC disconnect (–42V)
High power AC surge protection (Joslyn)
Remote power feed:±190 VDC
DC RectifiersValere Compact Power System
4 rectifier modules maximum
120 Amp max. total capacity
Rectifier modules: 20 or 30 Amp
Cable ManagementCopper plant OSP connectors: MS2 or 710
AlarmsBreaker/fuse fail alarm (rectifier distribution)
Door security alarm
Rectifier Minor alarm
Rectifier Major alarm
Heat exchanger fail/overtemp alarm
LVD Active alarm
Batteries on discharge alarm
AC Fail alarm
Battery Back-upPreferred battery: Northstar 170 AH
One string per enclosure (or two strings with second battery riser option)
Copper Protection PanelsStandard 5-pin protection blocks – modular in 50-pair increments
Up to six (6) 50-pair protection blocks per Protector Panel Mounting Frame (600 pairs total)
Safety UL 60950
CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60950
EMCFCC Part 15 Class A
ICES-003 Class A
Calix Equipment SupportedE5-platform (up to 16 units)
(1) C7 chassis
(1) F5 chassis
(1) B6-012i chassis
(1) B6-006 chassis
(12) B6-001 chassis
(9)E7-2 chassis
Fiber Management Options23-inch fiber splice trays
Fusion—12 positions per tray*
Heat Shrink—12 positions per tray*
Mechanical—12 positions per tray*
*up to 10 trays per splice tray holder
CLEARFIELD FIBER DISTRIBUTION PANEL OPTIONS12/24 position panel: LC, SC, ST, and FC connectors
CLEARFIELD FIBER DISTRIBUTION CASSETTESSC connectors—12 positions per cassette
LC connectors—12 positions per cassette
GENERATOR CONNECTOR OPTIONS30 Amp NEMA twist lock w/breaker and interlock
60 Amp pin & sleeve w/breaker and interlock (Hubbell)
100 Amp pin & sleeve w/breaker and interlock (Hubbell)
COMPLIANCETelcordia, GR-63-CORE, NEBS Requirements, Issue 1, October 1995
Telcordia, GR-487, Generic Requirements for Electronic Equipment Cabinets, Issue 2, March 2000

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