ITAD or IT asset disposition is an industry term and practice that revolves around the safe and ecologically responsible reuse, recycling, repurposing, repairing, or disposal of unwanted IT equipment.

IT organizations have the option of handling IT asset disposition themselves or outsourcing it to a professional provider.

Through ITAD, the interior parts of an IT device can be reused rather than becoming electronic waste, or e-waste, in a landfill. As a result, waste like plastic and heavy metals is kept out of the environment.

ITAD businesses primarily offer safe data deletion and eco-friendly e-waste recycling. Vendors of ITADs specialize in facilitating the disposal of IT assets for their clients while lowering expenses and possibly recovering some of the value of the equipment.


What Services Do ITAD Companies Provide?

ITAD Securing Your IT Assets

ITAD companies can assist businesses and individuals like you in getting rid of excess IT hardware. They purchase surplus hardware from IT companies in an effort to sell it later on for a profit. As a result, they can assist you in getting paid or getting back value from your old IT assets as well.

ITAD vendors often offer the following services:

  1. Data Erasure
  2.  Asset Management
  3. Data Centers Decommissioning
  4. Hard Drive Shredding
  5. Refurbishing
  6. Repair and Return

What Is The IT Asset Disposition Market?


The IT asset disposition market is a secondary IT market for ITAD companies who resell the hardware they buy. Different ITAD businesses in the market could collaborate to sell equipment. IT corporations may also approach ITAD vendors directly.

Arrow ITAD was one of the most well-known companies to enter the ITAD market. However, it has since left the asset disposition industry. ITRenew, Transpere, Sipi Asset Recovery, and, of course, Sunol Tech are more examples.

The fact that small and medium-sized enterprises can employ an ITAD service to handle data deletion processes for them is part of what makes ITAD popular. These services handle the process of completely and securely erasing data. Growing environmental awareness has also aided ITAD’s success.

Why is ITAD important?

IT Asset Disposal

Organizations frequently replace their IT hardware, making the disposal of IT assets a bigger and more pressing issue when thinking about e-waste. When disposed of in a landfill, these gadgets might include heavy metals, chemicals, and other substances that could be harmful to the environment. For instance, these substances might leak into the earth and harm water sources. Therefore, ITAD providers work with licensed recyclers to ensure the safe and proper disposal of e-waste.

Besides that, ITAD is essential when thinking about data security. For instance, if the data on a hard drive is not properly erased when disposed of, data breaches could happen. ITAD providers guarantee total data deletion by degaussing or physically destroying the hardware. A disk or hard drive’s magnetic field is electronically removed during degaussing, rendering the object unusable. These are both safe methods for making sure all data has been deleted.

Furthermore, given that they purchase IT equipment from their clients and refurbish their outdated equipment, ITAD also helps IT companies save money.