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A secure supply chain should be top priority for any organization when procuring IT hardware, software, and solutions. It’s important to review the areas where your network is vulnerable. Knowing your reseller and supply chain will help safeguard your data, help prevent malicious attacks and unauthorized access. A secure supply chain enables your organization and technologies to be more cyber resilient, while ensuring recoverability from ransomware attacks. Whether your goal is to improve on existing security, move to the latest emerging security technologies, or simply to get a better understanding of secure supply chain, continue below for infographics, additional readings and to sign up for our Secure Supply Chain Thought Leadership Discussion.

Secure Supply Chain
Live Thought Leadership Discussion

Approximately 300 major cyber security incidents happened in 2019, a 78% increase from 2018. Statistics show a rise in all industries, but specifically government agencies. Sign up to receive a recording of part one: a deep dive into secure supply chain, CMMC, threat landscape, and a high-level approach on how to combat with industry experts from Dell Technologies, Cisco, and Sunol Tech.

Additional Topics:

• The importance of a secure supply chain and certification models
 Navigating the rise in government supply chain risks
 Assessment of the threat landscape and avoiding the ripple effect
 Best practices to uphold security and mitigate risks while procuring
​​​​​​​• How to implement immediate changes for your organization
​​​​​​​• Know your reseller

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