Samsung’s QD-OLED TVs with quantum dots.

Get ready for a new OLED TV player. Samsung is the top-selling TV brand worldwide, but its QLED televisions have never performed as well as OLED TVs made by rivals like LG. At CES 2022, Samsung tackled those rivals head-on with its new QD Display, a new kind of big screen that relies on OLED technology.

The TV wasn’t announced in an official press release like Samsung’s other 2022 models. Instead it appeared as a 2022 Best of Innovation award winner at CES. 

“Samsung’s 65-inch QD-Display TV is the world’s first true RGB self-emitting Quantum Dot OLED display … combining the contrast levels of RGB OLED with the color and brightness of quantum dots,” the award’s text reads. Other features mentioned include four HDMI 2.1 inputs, a 144Hz refresh rate, a “Neo Quantum Processor” and immersive sound. 

Other details about the TV, including pricing, availability, images or screen sizes beyond 65 inches, are currently unclear. CNET reached out to Samsung for additional details and a representative replied, “All I can say at this time is that we’ll have more to share about the 2022 TV lineup in the next several weeks.” They added that the TV’s name has yet to be determined.