Reseller purchasing process

  • Registration

  • Provide City License

    Validated you address

    Provide Resellers Certificate

    Provide federal Id Number

    Provide D&B Account number.

2- To Request a Quote

Sold Item or Quoting to other entities.

End user Specification

Enterprise? Military? State? City or County?

Quotes are valid per request

Generally Quotes are good for ONE BUSINESS DAY.

3- Send purchase Order

Specify Ship to Address

Specific method of shipment

Blind Shipping must be requested.

Once your purchase order has been accepted.

4- Invoice has been issued and payment has been requested

You will have one day to perform the payment.

No products will be help without full payment.

Product paid will have storage fee attached after the first day.

Shipping information will. be send to you and enduser if necessary.

Delivery Documentation will be provided it upon delivery.

Satisfaction of product and services will be submitted.