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Cisco Intel Xeon Platinum 8280M Octacosa-core (28 Core) 2.70 GHz Processor Upgrade РOEM Pack Р38.50 MB L3 Cache Р28 MB L2 Cache Р64-bit Processing Р4 GHz Overclocking Speed Р14 µm РSocket 3647 Р205 W Р56 Threads РUCS-CPU-I8280M


Intel Xeon Gold 5215 Processor CD8069504214002

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Intel® Xeon® W-2295 Processor CD8069504393000


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The Intel® Xeon® W-2295 Processor is a high-performance CPU designed for professional workstations and servers. Here are the key features and specifications of the Intel Xeon W-2295:

Architecture: The Xeon W-2295 is based on the Skylake microarchitecture and utilizes a 14nm manufacturing process.

Cores and Threads: It is an 18-core processor, meaning it has 18 physical cores. With Intel’s Hyper-Threading technology, each core can handle two simultaneous threads, resulting in a total of 36 threads.

Clock Speed: The base clock speed of the Xeon W-2295 is 3.0 GHz. It also supports Intel Turbo Boost technology, which dynamically increases the clock speed up to 4.6 GHz when needed, depending on the workload.

Cache: It has a total cache size of 24.75 MB, including an L3 cache of 24.75 MB.

TDP (Thermal Design Power): The TDP of the Xeon W-2295 is 165 watts. This indicates the maximum amount of power the processor will consume under typical workloads.

Memory Support: The processor supports DDR4 memory with a maximum capacity of 512 GB and a maximum speed of 2933 MHz. It has six memory channels.

PCIe Lanes: It provides 48 PCIe Gen 3.0 lanes, allowing for high-speed connectivity to peripherals such as graphics cards, storage devices, and networking cards.

Workstation and Server Capabilities: The Xeon W-2295 is specifically designed for professional workstations and servers. It offers advanced features and optimizations for demanding tasks such as content creation, 3D rendering, scientific simulations, and data analysis.

Security Features: It incorporates Intel’s security technologies, including Intel® vPro™ platform, Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT), and Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) for enhanced data protection and platform security.

Compatibility: The Xeon W-2295 uses the LGA 2066 socket and is compatible with select Intel C422 and C621 chipsets.

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