5500 lumens WUXGA phosphor laser projector 4 corner correction for basic stacking 360¡ and portrait mode operation Light source life up to 20000 hrs, IP5X certified engine H/V lens shift and keystone Maintenance free – no filters needed Del…ivering superior color with DURACORE laser technology The ZU510T-W is a ProAV projector offering bright and vivid image quality, advanced optical components, and a low-weight, compact size. Combined with DURACORE laser light source and IP5X-certified dust resistance rating for its optical engine, it is reliable, cost-efficient and low maintenance, with no need for lamp and filter changes. It provides up to 20,000 hours of light source operation and is perfect for boardroom, higher education, houses of worship, and small entertainment venue use. The ZU510T-W’s 5500 lumens create vibrant, detailed images, filling a significant need in the mid-range ProAV category. Developed for maximum flexibility, this solid state laser projector includes a fixed lens with Horizontal and Vertical lens shift, offering a unique 1.2-2.13 throw ratio and a digital zoom ratio of 1.8x, enabling it to cover a range of interchangeable lens capabilities and eliminating the need to change lenses or buy additional ones.The ZU510T-W streamlines integration with two built-in 10W speakers and a variety of inputs, including three HDMI ports, 2x built in MHL. This fixed install projector is a reliable, flexible and cost-efficient option for boardrooms, university auditoriums, museums and other mid-sized venues.Product Features:DLP offers a brilliant, colorful and clear visual with deep blacksTime to put your 3D goggles on because this projector is able to project 3D content from any 3D display screenUp to 5500 lm brightness is sufficient for demanding applications