Deploy, Configure, and Manage AV over IP with Ease. ZeeVee’s acclaimed ZyPer Management Platform was designed around a single core concept – configure, not program. Balancing performance, core features, and an extended array of functionality the… Zyper Management Platform enables AV over IP installations to be completed in hours, not days. Available in Standard, Enterprise, or VMWare configurations. Autodiscover Encoder and Decoders Plug all the ZyPer encoders, decoders, and the ZyPer Management Platform (ZMP) into the same network and watch the magic happen. With zero-touch autodiscovery, the ZMP instantly recognizes all ZyPer appliances and makes them available to the MaestroZ user interface – no device configuration or programming required. Create Video Walls in Minutes In just a few simple steps, MaestroZ allows users to create video walls. By leveraging the built-in video wall processing available in all ZyPer 4K, UHD, and HD decoders, setting a video wall is fast and intuitive. Don’t think it is that easy? Watch the brief demo video below to see for yourself. Configure & Control Multiple Zones Easily define and control multiple display zones with the MaestroZ drag-and-drop user interface. This incredibly flexible interface can even accommodate displays that are associated with multiple zones. Design & Deploy Multiviews For deployments leveraging the power of the ZyPer4K appliances, MaestroZ will allow to easily create multiviews. Display and control up to nine ZyPer4K sources on a single display.