The WP-120 is a wall plate receiver for computer graphics video signals with resolutions up to UXGA. It receives a twisted pair signal from the PT-110 transmitter (or other compatible Kramer transmitter) and converts it back into a computer grap…hics video signal. HDTV Compatible. Resolution – WUXGA & 1080p. Twisted Pair Input – RJ-45 connector. Level (Gain) and EQ (Peaking) Controls. Sync Polarity Settings – H & V switches for improved monitor compatibility with the CAT 5 outputs. System Range – Up to 100m (320ft), greater distances possible depending on resolution and cable. Cable – UTP (unshielded twisted pair) or STP (shielded twisted pair) such as CAT 5. Power ConnectÂȘ System – A single connection to the transmitter or the receiver powers both units when the devices are within 150ft (50m) of each other. Dimensions – 6.9cm x 4.1cm x 11.4cm (2.71″ x 1.63″ x 4.49″) US; 8.6cm x 4.1cm x 8.6cm (3.39″ x 1.63″ x 3.39″) and 8cm x 4.1cm x 8cm (3.15″ x 1.63″ x 3.15″) EU W, D, H. Optional – RK-121WP 19″ adapter (for EU size wall plates only). Product Features:Resolution – Up to UXGA.Level & EQ Controls.Sync Polarity Settings