See all your favorite entertainment as it was meant to be seen. Enter the world of 4K, where every show, season, and scene is upscaled with enhanced picture clarity. Plus, a smart guide lets you quickly find what you want to watch. Samsung UHD …TV works with Alexa so your life just got simpler. ItÕs easy to connect your Alexa-enabled devices. With Samsung UHD TV’s compatibility, have Alexa turn on your TV, change channels, control volume, and more. Samsung UHD TV works with the Google Assistant to make your life easier. Change channels, adjust the volume, control playback and more with just your voice. Immerse yourself in a cinematic experience where your favorite movies, shows, sports, and games appear larger than life.Product Features:A powerful processor optimizes your TVÕs performance with 4K picture qualitySee shades of color that reveal more detail than HDTV can deliverOur simple on-screen guide is an easy way to find streaming content and live TV shows