At up to 10,000 lm, color erupts in WUXGA. Radiant pictures are achieved with new 15.4 mm (1ý) LCD panels, Triple Laser Engine, 4K/60p signal input, and refined cooling system. To quickly fix problems while maintaining image display, the project…ors feature PanasonicÕs new Triple Laser Engine with failover circuit, a secondary backup signal input, and Information Monitor to show error information. Easy-to-handle compact body weighs under 22.3 kg (49.2 lbs.), runs at just 38 dB, and suits seven optional zoom lenses for flexible installation. Setup is expedited with Geo Pro software.Product Features:These LCD projectors can be used in large rooms where a greater projection distance is neededAllows you to enjoy striking display with the Up to 10000 lm brightnessEnjoy crystal clear projection with WUXGA resolution