Unleash the extraordinary visual power of 8K HDR images Give customers, partners and visitors an unparalleled viewing experience on an impressive scale. The 98″ (diag.) BRAVIA MASTER Series Professional Display partners exquisite 8K HDR images w…ith easy operation, flexible networking/control and extensive integration options.Optimized for professional display applications, the BRAVIA MASTER Series harnesses the full power of cutting-edge Sony picture technologies. Backlight Master Drive full-array LED technology and our X1ª Ultimate picture processor are teamed with 8K X-Realityª PRO to ensure vibrant high-contrast 8K HDR images, bursting with fine detail, rich color and spectacular contrast.8K big-screen pictures are matched by the powerfully minimalist design of the FWD-98Z9G that’s sure to impress in any setting. Picture and audio are in perfect harmony with Sony’s Acoustic Multi-Audioª system and Sound-from-Picture Realityª for a captivating audio-visual performance.It’s easy to create attractive digital signage, mixing media files and online content with no need for additional player hardware. There’s also a wide range of API (Application Programming Interface) options to enable remote control/monitoring and integration with external systems.Android TV makes your professional display experience even smarter, allowing you to search apps and content with easy hands-free voice searches.Integration in corporate environments is simplified by Pro mode, which allows easy customization of display settings to suit different applications. Features 8K image resolution (7680 _ 4320 pixels) 8K offers 16 times the detail of Full HD, with an extraordinary resolution of over 33 million pixels bringing extra clarity to corporate display, education and digital signage applications. Recapture hidden detail in 8K Unique to Sony, 8K X-Realityª PRO upscales images closer to true 8K quality using our exclusive database. Pictures are sharpened and refined in real time to reveal hard-to-see details. Spectacularly lifelike 8K HDR images Our most powerful ever Picture Processor X1ª Ultimate features Object-based Super Resolution, Object-based HDR remaster and Super Bit Mappingª 8K HDR for exceptionally detailed, realistic pictures with rich color and ultra-low noise. Backlight Master Drive This full-array LED backlight technology combines an ultra-dense LED structure with a unique local dimming algorithm and advanced optical design. Powered by the Picture Processor X1ª Ultimate, it delivers incredibly deep black, dazzling lights and more vibrant color. Experience greater contrast Offering up to twenty times the contrast of conventional LED TVs, 8K X-tended Dynamic Rangeª PRO unlocks details in shadow and highlights, ensuring dark scenes are darker and bright scenes brighter. More color with TRILUMINOS Display TRILUMINOS Display maps colors from a wider palette, faithfully reproducing a world of richer, more lifelike hues and tones. Vibrant color from any angle X-Wide Angle technology ensures that faithful shades of vibrant color can be enjoyed accurately from any viewing angle. Every moment smooth and clear X-Motion Clarityª technology keeps fast on-screen action smooth and clear. Moving images are precisely controlled to minimize blur. Even during high speed scenes, pictures stay true with no loss in brightness.Product Features:Digital Signage Display – Ideal for rack, passageway, booth or display counterWith its 98″ screen size, 7680 x 4320 resolution and a brightness of #atr1133#, this digital signage system is ideal for commercial purposesExperience luminescent visual images with LCD display