C3-510 CORIOmaster mini offers a new, more efficient approach to building videowall systems. Using tvONE’s latest CORIO¨3 technology, it gives the user access to new levels of video processing power to achieve new heights of creative and dyn…amic videowall displays. All this is possible in one 1RU chassis. Multiple windows can be used on a video wall to display the physical inputs into CORIOmaster. Windows can be sized to fit the wall or multiple windows added, resized and rotated 360 degrees on the video wall independent of the output rotation. There are 36 maximum system windows that can be used on up to 4 video walls. Each video wall can have a maximum of 14 windows depending on the source resolution, frame rate and size of window. 4K Input & Output Modules The addition of 4K support consists of two new modules; HDMI 4K30/60 input module and the HDMI 4K30 scaling output module, both allowing resolutions up to 3840×2160. New Transition Effects CORIOgrapher v2, the control software for the CORIOmaster and CORIOmaster mini videowall processors now has included simple easy to use window and source transition effects. This new animation feature is controlled by presets in the system. Transition effects occur not only by selecting presets in CORIOgrapher v2 but also by third party control systems.Product Features:Process videos, enhance the video signals, edit videos and more with this video processorProcess, enhance and edit a video, all at the same timeEnsures convenient and safe installation with rack mounting facility