Tripp Lite AV2FP Professional Isobar Flat Panel Power Conditioning Center for Digital Displays provides ultimate protection (5100 joules) stopping damaging surges/spikes. Filters disruptive EMI/RFI line noise so Digital Displays perform to their… full capability! You can see and hear the difference sharper, crisper deeper, video helps maintain longer component life spans. Perfect for flat-panel digital displays, front-screen projection systems and more. High Definition bi-directional 2.2 GHz (gold) coaxial protects against surges /spikes from coming in on the coax input. Network/Ethernet protection with RJ45 covers all 8 pins for matrix switchers and streaming internet content. Low-profile all-metal housing installs neatly behind flat-panel displays.Product Features:2 surge protected outlets1-line 2.2 GHz (gold) coaxial protection; 1-line Ethernet protectionISOBAR technology filters disruptive EMI/RFI line noise