Clarity Matrix LXLCD Video Wall Clarity¨ Matrix¨ LX LCD Video Walls feature Full HD resolution and LED backlighting for outstanding tiled visual performance. Available in 46″ and 55″ sizes, Clarity Matrix LX models feature standard brigh…tness of 500 nits for environments with controlled ambient lighting. Clarity Matrix LX models include the LX55HDX (55″), LX55HDU (55″), LX46HDS (46″) and LX46HDU (46″). Video Walls Designed for Lower Power Consumption and Low Ambient Light Applications Clarity Matrix LX is engineered to consume 17% less power than the standard Clarity Matrix MX model when operating at full brightness. Clarity Matrix LX was designed specifically for corporate and control room environments with relatively low ambient light conditions, while incorporating all the benefits of Clarity Matrix’s unique video wall design. The Clarity Matrix LX55HDX model offers improvements to the unique Planar¨ EasyAxisª Mounting System, making it easier to achieve the smallest gap between individual LCD video wall displays, and a 10% power consumption reduction over previous Clarity Matrix models. The Clarity Matrix LX55HDX video wall displays combine the industry’s thinnest profile extreme narrow bezel LCD display with superior design, installation and service benefits that deliver on its reputation as the industry’s premier LCD video wall. Planar¨ EROª (Extended Ruggedness and Opticsª) technology is available on Clarity Matrix LX video walls, providing an optically-bonded glass front that provides increased ruggedness and optical performance for public spaces or interactive touch applications. Fiber Video Extension Option For government and military customers delivering highly sensitive information, the Clarity¨ Matrix¨ Fiber Video Extension option provides a more secure and longer distance option for extending the video signal from the Clarity Matrix off-board electronics to Clarity Matrix LCD video wall displays. The Clarity Matrix Fiber Video Extension provides integrated video extension over standard multi-mode or single-mode fiber optic cable. The Clarity Matrix Fiber Video Extension also incorporates an embedded USB extension in the fiber optic cable, eliminating the need for a third-party USB extender. Configure Your Custom Clarity Matrix Video Wall The Clarity¨ Matrix¨ LCD Video Wall Calculator provides a simulated representation of your video wall along with important product specifications specific to your Clarity Matrix video wall design, including dimensions, weight, rack components, power consumption and heat load.Product Features:55″ Planar Signage Display – Ideal for showing different types of advertisements and contentExperience luminescent visual images with LCD displayOffers exceptionally smooth and crisp viewing experience due to its 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution