The 610T and 610R are a detachable optical transmitter and receiver for sending DVI signals with resolutions of up to 1920×1200 at 60Hz over LC optical cable. The 610T attaches to the transmitter side of a fiber optical cable and the 610R connec…ts to the receiver end and both are sold as a set. Max. Data Rate – 4.95Gbps (1.65Gbps per graphic channel). Standards Compliance – Certified for medical applications according to IEC 60601-1-2 (Electromagnetic Compatibility). HDTV Compatible. Not HDCP Compliant. System Range – Up to 400m (1312ft). EDID Capture – Copies and stores the EDID from a display device (610T). Cable – Multimode fiber optic cable with 4 simplex or 2 duplex LC fiber connectors. Power – External power adapter (supplied) or 5V DC from source. Applications Digital flat panel displays, plasma display panels and projectors for medical appliances, aero and traffic control, factory facilities, banks, conference rooms and auditoriums Kiosks with digital flat panel displays for information display LED signboards in streets and in stadiums Digital signage Product Features:Max. Data Rate – 4.95Gbps (1.65Gbps per graphic channel)Range – Up to 400m (1312ft)EDID Capture