Signature/Series E is an electric projeciton screen designed to be recessed into the ceiling. It has an independently motorized ceiling closure that disappears into the case when the screen is lowered, for a perfectly unobstructed view. The hing…es are completely concealed, and the closure is supported for its entire length so no sag is possible.The white all-aluminum case is UL approved for use in environmental air spaces. The extruded aluminum case design allows for our low-voltage control, the LVC-IV, for remote operation, to be factory installed in the internal junction box. Two case sizes: small for screens with an image width through 144″; large for all others.Product Features:119″ projection screen is ideal for clear viewing from anywhere in the roomClearSound Grey Weave XH600E fabric offers you the best optical characteristics of both matte white and contrast gray screen fabrics. Provides vivid color contrast over an entire 180° viewing cone.A 16:9 projector on a 16:9 screen is obviously the best mix for streamlining HDTV