Sunol tech is proud to provide for Nato and its allies

The “NCoDe Community”, includes all NATO bodies, agencies and NATO member states. Community members may invite industry partners, on a case-by-case basis, to participate in the development of one or more specific Contribution.

The NATO Communications & Information Agency (NCI Agency) acts as custodian of the NCoDe software development.

  • Partners are part of many of NATO’s core activities, from shaping policy to building defence capacity, developing interoperability and managing crises.
  • NATO’s programmes also help partner countries to develop their own defence and security institutions and forces. 
  • In partnering with NATO, partners can:
    • share insights on areas of common interest or concern through political consultations and intelligence-sharing;
    • gain access to advice and support as they reform and strengthen defence institutions and capacities;
    • participate in a rich menu of education, training and consultation events (approximately 1,400 events a year are open to partners through a Partnership Cooperation Menu);
    • prepare together for future operations and missions by participating in exercises and training;
    • contribute to current NATO-led operations and missions;
    • share lessons learned from past operations and develop policy for the future;
    • work together with Allies on research and capability development.
  • Through partnership, NATO and partners also pursue a broad vision of security:
    • integrating gender perspectives into security and defence;
    • fighting against corruption in the defence sector;
    • enhancing efforts to control or destroy arms, ammunition and unexploded ordnance;
    • advancing joint scientific projects.
  • Partnership has evolved over the years, to encompass more countries, more flexible instruments, and new forms of cooperation and consultation.

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