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Citrix ELA 2 ADC T1300 10GE 100GBPS PREM UPG ADV ED 3016282-E2

Original price was: $247,125.00.Current price is: $245,831.15.

Citrix ELA 5 ADC T1300 40GE 160GBPS PREM UPG ADV ED 3016276-E5

Original price was: $225,900.00.Current price is: $224,717.28.
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Citrix ELA 4 ADC T1310 160GBPS PREM UPG ADV ED 3016387-E4

Original price was: $244,725.00.Current price is: $243,443.72.

[{“headername”: “Basic”, “attributevalue”: “Software Licensing”, “attributedisplay”: “Basic|Product Type|Software Licensing”, “attributename”: “Product Type”}, {“headername”: “Basic”, “attributevalue”: “Volume”, “attributedisplay”: “Basic|License Pricing|Volume”, “attributename”: “License Pricing”}, {“headername”: “Basic”, “attributevalue”: “Upgrade License”, “attributedisplay”: “Basic|License Type|Upgrade License”, “attributename”: “License Type”}, {“headername”: “Basic”, “attributevalue”: “1 Appliance”, “attributedisplay”: “Basic|License Quantity|1 Appliance”, “attributename”: “License Quantity”}, {“headername”: “Basic”, “attributevalue”: “Citrix”, “attributedisplay”: “Basic|Brand Name|Citrix”, “attributename”: “Brand Name”}, {“headername”: “General Information”, “attributevalue”: “Software Licensing”, “attributedisplay”: “General Information|Product Type|Software Licensing”, “attributename”: “Product Type”}, {“headername”: “General Information”, “attributevalue”: “3016387-E4”, “attributedisplay”: “General Information|Manufacturer Part Number|3016387-E4”, “attributename”: “Manufacturer Part Number”}, {“headername”: “General Information”, “attributevalue”: “”, “attributedisplay”: “General Information|Manufacturer Website Address|”, “attributename”: “Manufacturer Website Address”}, {“headername”: “General Information”, “attributevalue”: “Citrix Systems, Inc”, “attributedisplay”: “General Information|Manufacturer|Citrix Systems, Inc”, “attributename”: “Manufacturer”}, {“headername”: “General Information”, “attributevalue”: “NetScaler Premium Edition for T1310 (160G)”, “attributedisplay”: “General Information|Product Name|NetScaler Premium Edition for T1310 (160G)”, “attributename”: “Product Name”}, {“headername”: “General Information”, “attributevalue”: “Citrix”, “attributedisplay”: “General Information|Brand Name|Citrix”, “attributename”: “Brand Name”}, {“headername”: “License Information”, “attributevalue”: “Volume”, “attributedisplay”: “License Information|License Pricing|Volume”, “attributename”: “License Pricing”}, {“headername”: “License Information”, “attributevalue”: “Upgrade License”, “attributedisplay”: “License Information|License Type|Upgrade License”, “attributename”: “License Type”}, {“headername”: “License Information”, “attributevalue”: “1 Appliance”, “attributedisplay”: “License Information|License Quantity|1 Appliance”, “attributename”: “License Quantity”}, {“headername”: “License Information”, “attributevalue”: “Citrix Enterprise Licensing Program (ELA)”, “attributedisplay”: “License Information|Licensing Program|Citrix Enterprise Licensing Program (ELA)”, “attributename”: “Licensing Program”}, {“headername”: “License Information”, “attributevalue”: “4”, “attributedisplay”: “License Information|License Price Levels|4”, “attributename”: “License Price Levels”}, {“headername”: “Product Information”, “attributevalue”: “Citrix NetScaler Advanced Edition for T1310 (160G)”, “attributedisplay”: “Product Information|Upgrade from|Citrix NetScaler Advanced Edition for T1310 (160G)”, “attributename”: “Upgrade from”}]


Citrix NetScaler Premium Edition for T1310 (160G) – Upgrade License – 1 Appliance – Price Level 4 – Volume – Citrix Enterprise Licensing Program (ELA)


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