Ciena’s WaveLogic

Ciena’s WaveLogic: Accelerating connectivity and innovation

Amid a surge of new investments and construction in data centers, Southeast Asian nations are joining together to make significant improvements to the region’s network connectivity. Ciena’s Regional Managing Director of Asia, Dion Leung, explains how WaveLogic 6 allows cloud, content, and service providers to greatly increase their capacity and connectivity in the region while shrinking carbon footprints simultaneously.

In motorsport, teams expend huge amounts of effort to shave fractions of seconds off here and there to gain the slightest advantage over the competition. Each incremental gain marks the payoff for long hours of research, testing, and trialing to create the ultimate racer.

But sometimes, improvements come all at once, and an entire class can see performance improvements come in a flurry. Lap times improve by seconds over the course of just a few seasons – the result of innovation and willingness to invest in big leaps.

In the network space, Ciena’s WaveLogic 6, represents one giant leap ahead.

WaveLogic 6 provides massive 1.6Tb/s, single-carrier wavelengths for metro ROADM deployments, maximizes network coverage for 800G connectivity, and enables fit-for-purpose 800G pluggables to meet diverse customer and application requirements, from 10 km to 1000 km. All of this adds up to more world firsts from Ciena.

These technical achievements are possible because of our team’s unmatched coherent optical networking expertise, and the strategic investments Ciena has made that give us full ownership of all the critical intellectual property and technology building blocks required to bring these solutions to market. These include: the industry’s first 200Gbaud coherent DSP based on state-of-the-art lowest power 3nm CMOS, the industry’s first 200Gbaud analog and electro-optics, and unique high-speed packaging.

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