Ciena’s 8140 Coherent Metro Router

Fourth Generation 100GbE is the real deal. How we got here and what it means for you.

8140, we considered power efficiency and footprint carefully. That’s why the SFP-DD innovation is such great news! The SFP-DD transceivers are smaller and use less power than the QSFP28, resulting in a denser faceplate.


The 8140 with SFP-DD supports 10GbE SFP+ and 25GbE SFP28 providing flexibility in current deployments and for a seamless migration to dense 100GbE requirements. Of course, it also supports Ciena’s industry-leading WaveLogic™ 5 Nano (WL5n) 100G-400G coherent pluggables in all eight QSFP-DD ports, supporting 400ZR, 400ZR+ as well as enhanced performance modes for extended reach to address a broader range of application requirements.

As 400GbE becomes increasingly prevalent, there is a growing demand for high-capacity, next-generation metro architectures. However, 400GbE is not an isolated technology but part of a larger puzzle. And as 400GbE advances, it is also setting the stage for the fourth generation of 100GbE requirements.

So, is your network ready to take advantage of these innovations? The good news is the puzzle pieces are coming together to drive the introduction of new products that will help you get there and meet your needs for years to come. Like Ciena’s 8140 Coherent Metro Router, the latest addition to Ciena’s routing family.

Ciena’s 8140 comes to OFC 2023

If you are attending OFC 2023, make sure to visit OIF’s multivendor interoperability demonstration (booth #5101), where we will participate in the 400ZR and CMIS (Common Management Interface Specification) demos.

We will also be doing live demos at the Ciena booth, leveraging Ciena’s 8190 and a remote dark-fiber feed 8140, equipped with the latest Ciena’s WL5n Universal QSFP-DD coherent transceiver over Ciena’s Coherent ELS Open Line System (OLS).

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