Ciena 5430 Packet Optical Platform

Ciena’s 5430 Packet-Optical Platform is the industry’s first multi-terabit packet-optical switching platform that transforms networks into scalable, flexible, cost-reduced service-enabling infrastructures to meet today’s monumental traffic growth challenges.


No. 1

Utilizes Ciena’s WaveLogicTM technology for coherent DWDM optical interfaces

No. 2

Increases network availability for mission-critical services (measured in the field at over six-9s); and handles multiple simultaneous failures

No. 3

Allows users to select the most flexible networking model for packet, optical, and/or OTN redundancy options as needed

No. 4

Provides more reliable, deterministic transport of packet services

No. 5

Retains full mesh connectivity while most efficiently transporting Ethernet and other services over a DWDM optical network

No. 6

Provides 500 Gb/s per service slot capacity and offers a 15 Tb/s switch matrix

  • Intelligent Control Plane
    • G.ASON/GMPLS SONET/SDH Control Plane
    • G.ASON/GMPLS OTN Control Plane
    • Point-and-click auto-provisioning
    • Automatic path computation
    • Auto-discovery of network resources
    • Link bundling for large network scalability
    • Multiple protection/restoration service classes
    • Administrative weight routing
    • Latency optimized routing
    • Local Span Mesh Restoration (LSMR) (SONET/SDH/OTN)
    • 1+1 Mesh Restorable SNCP (MR-SNCP) for rapid protection and ultra survivability
    • Make Before Break
    • Optical Virtual Private Networks (O-VPN)

I/O Modules Programmable FlexiPort Formats

  • TDM Services Line Module TSLM-48
    • 48 multi-rate pluggable 155M to 2.7G Ports:
      OC-3/STM-1 — 155.52 Mb/s
      OC-12/STM-4 — 622.08 Mb/s
      OC-48/STM-16 — 2.488 Gb/s
      OTU1 — 2.666 Gb/s
      GbE — 1 Gb/s
      (Numerous types of SFPs)
      SONET/SDH (SSLM-48) and OTN (OSLM-48) optimized versions also available
  • TSLM-12
    • 12 pluggable 10G Ports:
      OC-192/STM-64 — 9.953 Gb/s
      10GbE – 10.3 Gb/s
      OTU2 – 10.709 Gb/s
      OTU2e – 11.095 Gb/s
      (Numerous types of XFPs
      including tunable C-Band XFPs)
    • SONET/SDH (SSLM-12) and OTN (OSLM-12) optimized versions also available
  • TSLM-3
    • 3 pluggable 40G Ports:
      OTU3 – 43.018 Gb/s
      40GbE – 41.25 Gb/s
      (Numerous types of CFPs)
      OSLM-3 – OTN optimized variant
    • Embedded SONET/SDH capabilities (up to 12x 10G Embedded SONET/SDH over ODU2 with STS/VC switching)
  • TSLM-1-D/OSLM-1-D with WaveLogic 3
    • 100 Gb/s line rate with DWDM and Coherent technology
    • OTU4 SONET/SDH Capabilities (up to 10x 10G Embedded SONET/SDH over ODU2 with STS/VC Switching – TSLM-1-D only)
    • Five variants: Regional, Metro, Enhanced , Premium and Submarine
  • OSLM-2 Flex-3 WL3
    • Two Flex3 WL3 DWDM ports with WaveLogic 3 Extreme chipset (same used in the 6500 platform)
    • Each port can be individually programmable by software to operate in any one of following modulation formats:
      2 x 100G DP-QPSK
      2 x 200G 16QAM
      Mix of 1x 100G DP-QPSK and 1x 200G 16QAM
  • OSLM-5-100G
    • Five individual programmable optical ports (OTN and Ethernet interface) with a unique data rates ranging from 40G to 100G.
    • 100GE/OTU4 mapping into ODU4
  • OSLM-5-WL3n
    • Five pluggable CFP2-ACO 100G C-Band tunable coherent DWDM ports with WaveLogic 3 Nano chipset (same chipset used in the 6500 platform), supporting:
    • CFP2-ACO optics
    • 5 x 100G DP-QPSK
    • 100G OTU4 per wavelength per port
  • OSLM-50-10G
    • An OTN switch with 50 individual programmable optical ports (OTN, SONET/SDH and Ethernet interface) with a unique data rates ranging from 1 to 10G
  • OSLM-1
    • 1 x OTU4
    • 1 x 100GbE (Transparent Mapping)
  • TSLM-1
    • 1 x OTU-4
    • SONET/SDH capabilities such as up to 10x 10G Embedded SONET/SDH over ODU2 with STS/VC switching
    • 2x40G C-Band Tunable Coherent DWDM with colored and colorless Ciena WaveLogic technology
    • SONET/SDH capabilities such as up to 8x 10G Embedded SONET/SDH over ODU2 with STS/VC switching
    • 6xSFP+ with 6dB, 8dB, SFEC, and TriFEC support
    • 6x AM-XFP support for interoperability with legacy equipment (OC-192 Classic and Connect DX)
  • Ethernet Service Line Module (eSLM Flex 100G):
    • Leverages Ciena’s field-proven, full-featured SAOS packet software.
    • Layer 2 switching and mapping of Ethernet services into an OTN network.
    • Supports up to 120G of Ethernet Interfaces
      (faceplate) for aggregation into the packet switch fabric and encapsulation into 100G OTN backplane
    • Traffic mapping into OTN’s payload
    • Supported faceplate interfaces are: 10GbE and 100GbE and include OTN OTU2e
    • MPLS-TP
    • G.8032 Rings

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