Sony brings all the TV tech to CES 2022

Its high-end models feature a remote finder and bundled webcam, and all of them finally ship with VRR for gaming.

At CES 2022, Sony is bringing all the TV tech. The company’s new lineup of televisions skews high-end, as it has in the past, but encompasses more variety than ever. Sony will introduce its first mini-LED models, including a version with 8K resolution, beef up its gaming chops with the PlayStation 5 and even roll out a remote finder. And in a first for any TV-maker, Sony is going to sell two kinds of OLED TVs.

TVs that use OLED technology have the best picture quality available, and Sony’s lineup includes three series of OLED models. The most intriguing is the A95K series, which Sony says is its best OLED TV yet. This is just the second TV ever announced, after a model by Samsung, to use QD-OLED display technology. Sony touts better color and viewing angles compared to its other 2022 OLED TVs, namely the A90K and A80K.

Meanwhile, Sony’s best non-OLED TVs are the Z9K with 8K resolution and the X95K, with 4K, both of which use mini-LED technology and Sony’s “backlight master drive” for precise control of the full-array local dimming backlight. Sony is also packing in its latest version of the “cognitive” processor it introduced last year, promising improved color and depth mapping.

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